Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies play a crucial role in the Vietnamese economy. As of the end of 2022, the export turnover of FDI companies accounted for USD 275.9 billion, representing 74% of the total export turnover of the entire economy. FDI companies have significantly contributed to economic growth in recent years while addressing a substantial amount of labor demands. Additionally, FDI companies have played a role in promoting and reforming the domestic business environment.

Understanding information about FDI companies is a significant demand in the business community in Vietnam and abroad. The website was created to support the search for specialized information about FDI companies. The platform provides users with comprehensive information about FDI enterprises, including names, addresses, tax identification numbers, and registered capital. It also offers information about investment projects, such as project identification numbers, investing countries, and the investment project's status. Furthermore, the platform provides statistical information on investment-attracting industries and investment partners.

The platform is developed through collaboration with financial and technology experts both domestically and internationally. We hope that you can find useful information on this website and welcome contributions to further enhance its development in the future.